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What is ClassPad MCS Editor? For transferring data between ClassPad and your computer, you use ClassPad Manager or FA-CP1 software. The variables (text, programs, pictures, etc) you transfer from ClassPad to ClassPad Manager are stored in *.vcp or *.mcs files in your computer. ClassPad MCS Editor lets you view the contents of the VCP and MCS files and also it makes converting text and pictures to/from the ClassPad format damn easy.

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Version 1.0 -- May 12, 2012


Help and Useful Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are MCS and VCP files? MCS files are the files used by ClassPad Manager version 1 and 2 to store your ClassPad variables (texts, programs, pictures, etc) on the computer. ClassPad Manager 3 and FA-CP1 programs use a different format with extension VCP. ClassPad MCS Editor supports both formats, but please note that VCP files may also contain eActivities, but MCS Editor only shows and modifies their Variables part, i.e their MCS section, not their eActivites.

What is MCS Editor good for? MCS Editor lets you view and edit ClassPad Manager's MCS and VCP files and convert text and pictures between your computer and ClassPad.

Can't I simply use ClassPad Manager for conversion? Of course, but there are many reasons why you should prefer MCS Editor. First of all MCS editor has a nice, user friendly interface resembling a familiar file manager. Second, it offers easy methods with more options for converting text (e.g you can directly read and convert CPLua programs) and pictures (better picture quality). And finally, MCS Editor is free software. MCS Editor has a couple of advantages for developers, too (e.g hex viewer and binary file import/export).

Does MCS Editor fully replace ClassPad Manager? No. MCS Editor is capable of editing VCP and MCS files, but anyway for connecting ClassPad to your computer and transferring the converted files you will ultimately need ClassPad Manager. (However, this can change in the future ;) )


Using MCS Editor

When you work with ClassPad Manager or FA-CP1, they save the VCP and MCS files to a folder called CASIO in your My Documents folder. When you download ClassPad Basic programs from the web, you'll find *.vcp or  *.mcs files containing the programs.

For viewing and editing these files, open those files via Windows' Open With... menu with ClassPad MCS Editor and do what you want (viewing, conversion, etc). After you've done, save the file then use ClassPad Manager or FA-CP1 to open and transfer the contents of the VCP or MCS file to your ClassPad.


Program Help

When you run the progam, you'll see the main screen. In the File menu you have the familiar New, Open, Save, etc commands. Before being able to do anything, you should create a new VCP or MCS file or open an existing one. Do it now!

Using the file manager: You will see the folders in the left pane and files inside each folder in the right pane. One of the folders is bolder and has the label "Cur" on its icon which means it is the current folder in ClassPad (refer to ClassPad user manual). You can change it using the combo box at the bottom. System folders will be shown in red. Right-clicking any area or item will bring up useful options.

Double click any file to view it. Please note that supported file formats are: Programs (PRGM, TEXT), Strings, CPLua programs and pictures (PICT). Other files will open in the hex viewer by default. So many formats are not viewable; in particular, ClassPad's EXPR, LIST, MAT, etc formats, and the new pictures used by ClassPad OS3 are currently not supported.

In the Edit menu, there are items for cutting/copying/pasting files (not folders), renaming and deleting files/folders, and creating new folders.

For converting text, pictures, etc to/from ClassPad format, use the Convert -> Import and Convert -> Export menus.

To convert MCS files to VCP format and vice versa, open your desired MCS or VCP file, then choose File -> Save As and select your favourite format from the Save As Type combobox. Please note that if you convert a VCP file to MCS format this way, the eActivities in the VCP files will NOT be saved in the MCS file, because MCS files are not designed to store eActivities.


Known Problems

• MCS Editor's text viewer does not show ClassPad's special symbols (such as ), mathematical symbols and non-English alphabet. This is because ClassPad's charset is different from desktop operating systems.

• For importing text as a PRGM file, the file should have Unix Endings (CR only). Also before being able to execute it on ClassPad, you have to open it in the Program application, make a change (e.g type an space) and choose Edit -> Save File once.


Contact Me

For feature suggestions, bug reports, etc please email me (cpmicropro [at] gmail) or find me at the Universal Casio Forum (UCF). You can also post your things in the appropriate topic of the program at UCF (recommended).