If you wish to see an explanation page of MCS Editor in your own language, please translate the English page and send it to me! (E-mail is in the bottom of the English page)

Some of the things that you kindly note are:

  1. When you translate, please stay responsible for translating any later versions, too. So please give me an email that I can use to reach you whenever I update the site.
  2. Translate the HTML source: View the source of the English page (Ctrl+U on Firefox and Chrome) and translate from the line that says <h2>ClassPad MCS Editor</h2> till the end.
  3. Please do not translate or transliterate the phrases ClassPad MCS Editor and MCS Editor, leave them in English; it's the name of the program.
  4. "Contact me" should be translated to "Contact the author". (I guess you knew that :D )
  5. Add a line at the end of the file in your own language: "Translated by John Doe, john [at] example [dot] com". If you don't want to put your email there, put this line instead: "Translated by John Doe, for comments send e-mail to program author."